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(2/27/2014) - The San Diego Air and Space Museum has named Arthur Alan Wolk to its Board of Directors. [more]

The Wolk Law Firm

The Wolk Law Firm is the nation's premier air crash litigation firm. The firm has generated over a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements, and the firm's lawyers, Arthur WolkBradley Stoll, John Gagliano, Cynthia Devers and Michael Miska are uniquely qualified and experienced to win air crash cases.

The Wolk Law Firm is well known for bringing airplanes to courthouses around the nation to prove their cases. Their models, demonstrations, animations and graphics are unparalleled in the courtroom.

The Wolk Law Firm gets results. From the largest aviation verdict of all time $480,000,000 to many other recoveries measured in the tens of millions, there just isn't any peer for The Wolk Law Firm. What makes The Wolk Law Firm unique is their commitment to their clients - they handle nothing but air crash cases for plaintiffs.

The lawyers at The Wolk Law Firm are pilots. Arthur Alan Wolk is an airline transport pilot, multi and single engine land and sea, with type ratings in both the EA 500 Eclipse Jet and the Grumman F9F-2 Panther Jet Fighter. John Gagliano is a former naval aviator and flight instructor, an airline transport pilot, multi and single engine land, CFI and CFII. Michael Miska is a private pilot, single and multi-engine land with an instrument rating. Cynthia Devers is a student pilot. Bradley Stoll is one of the best aviation legal minds in the industry and an accomplished trial and appellate litigator.

Arthur Alan Wolk"We care about every client and their cause. At the end of the day, our clients are our lives but aviation safety is our profession!"

-- Arthur Alan Wolk

Wolk honored with first PA Supreme Court Televised Argument

(9/19/2011) - Wolk argued the scope of the General Aviation Revitalization Act as it might apply to aircraft maintenance publications. [Watch Video]

There is a good reason for the success of The Wolk Law Firm. They serve a single purpose for which they have developed an enormous depth of expertise. The firm flies an Eclipse EA 500 jet which brings knowledge of state of the art technology and equipment into the forefront of every accident they investigate.

An airplane crash is an unspeakable tragedy. Every client they have had and those they currently represent will uniformly say they have never seen or imagined the intensity of effort and the expertise that is brought to bear by The Wolk Law Firm to make sure that they are given a fair hearing and maximum recovery.

When an airplane crash occurs, only time can help heal the pain caused by the tragedy. Air crash victims' families and any survivors can find solace in determining the reason for the plane crash. They look for ways to prevent a similiar air tragedy from happening again. Identifying the truth and determining the responsibility behind air crashes, and raising public awareness about aviation safety issues, has been the driving force behind the aviation law practice of The Wolk Law Firm.

In order to achieve substantial settlements from airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and aviation insurers - all entities with vast corporate resources - a law firm must be willing to commit a comparable investment in time and money. The Wolk Law Firm is willing to make that commitment for its clients.

Over the past 40 years, The Wolk Law Firm has won hundreds of cases successfully for our clients, generating more than a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements in courtrooms all over America.

Here are some of our results:

Aviation News & Commentaries

Arthur Wolk

GermanWings-Arrogance in the Face of Disaster

(03/27/15) The most telling revelation about this most recent airline tragedy is the reaction of Lufthansa officials claiming they will not change their procedures in the face of the loss of 150 persons. [more]

Delta Airlines crash at La Guardia Could Have Been a Lot Worse

(03/06/15) Dark, snowy, limited visibility, slick runway, short runway, inadequate safety areas, all ingredients for a disaster. The data must be analyzed but based on our litigating these accidents before here is what must be carefully looked at. [more]

Investigators of Air Asia 8501 Are Hopelessly Wrong in Their Data Analysis.

(01/30/15) Investigators from Indonesia are criticizing the flight deck crew’s attempted disabling of the aircraft’s flight computers. That is because they do not understand the problem the flight crew was facing before they made the attempt. [more info]

Boo Just Had Surgery

(01/29/15) Boo wants to thank her friends and well-wishers for their many expressions of hope before her surgery for a mast cell tumor. The surgery was a complete success and although she looks like a repaired rag dog she is back to being the original Boo. [more info]

NTSB asks FAA to Study How Downed Aircraft Can Be Quickly Located

(01/23/15) The National Transportation Safety Board has asked the FAA to help in coming up with mandatory technology to be installed in aircraft so their location can be pinpointed within 6 miles of the crash. How about GPS? [more info]

(01/22/15) Air Asia 8501 Update

Latest Air Asia 8501 Theory Preposterous

(01/05/15) The latest word from the Government of Indonesia is that the cause of the crash was entry into a thunderstorm that resulted in so much ice accumulations that one or more engines failed and the airplane stalled.

Any ice accumulation sufficient to shut down one of these engines would literally have to be so large that it covered the entire engine inlet. [more]

AirAsia 8501 Emergency Airworthiness Directive-Likely Cause, Loss of Aircraft Control, due to flight control malfunction due to encounter with severe weather-Totally Missed by media talking heads

(01/01/15) Well, here we go again. Another airliner goes down in Southeast Asia and the media’s know nothing talking heads ramp up the speculation as to the cause of this new tragedy. Not one of them knows about or knew about the recent Emergency Airworthiness Directive from The certifying authority of the Airbus, EASA, which details a loss of aircraft control in an A321 aircraft from icing of the angle of attack sensors on the nose of the aircraft.  [more]

Frontier Airlines Ought to Run the CDC

(10/18/2014) We find ourselves in the midst of a self-made disaster of potentially epidemic proportions and the only sanity brought to current events is from Frontier Airlines. [more]

Media Hubris Causes Helicopter Crash In Iraq
(08/12/2014) An old Russian helicopter crashes in the mountains of Iraq trying to rescue terrified refugees who fled into the mountains to avoid certain death because of their religious beliefs. Rescue mission goes bad because of overloading helicopter with non-essential people, a politician and 2 reporters. [more]

Malaysian Shootdown a Crime Against Humanity
(07/18/2014) Nearly 300 people dead because someone allowed the most deadly form of anti-aircraft missiles to fall into the wrong hands? Unforgiveable! The politics of the situation, the blame game, the tortured and often misguided and misinformed talking heads  in the media don’t get it. It doesn’t matter who did it, it only matters that it was done. [more]

Malaysian MH 370: Media has acted irresponsibly and misinforms the public 

(03/13/2014) The loss of Malaysian Flight MH 370 will no doubt have a grotesque explanation. Whether a hijacking, terrorist act of sabotage or a mechanical failure, the loss of so many people in the worst nightmare come true has brought unspeakable pain to their loved ones. But what has made it far worse has been the total abdication of any journalistic responsibility by the media frenzy over speculating what happened to the aircraft. [more]

Arthur Alan Wolk was the very first person who advised the world that this airplane was not "lost" on radar but had to have been tracked by military radars as well as data links.

Third Circuit Says It Won't Review Plane Crash
(09/06/2013) The Third Circuit doesn't have the authority to review a district court's denial of a motion to reconsider after a case has been remanded to state court, the appeals court has ruled. [more] [read ruling]

The FAA is at it again!
(07/19/2013) More runway lights for airports that already look like pinball machines. [more]

Asiana Flight 214 Crash Update 
 Animations of the crash of Asiana Flight 214 leave no question why accident occurred and confirm the description of its cause given by Arthur Alan Wolk on MSNBC's Hardball just after it happened. [more]

Arthur WolkAsiana Flight 214 Crash: Interviews Confirm Unstabilized Approach

(07/09/2013) The NTSB interviews with the flight deck crew of Asiana 214 confirm all the ingredients of an unstablized approach. After this additional information, the initial view that an unstablized approach was the cause of this accident is confirmed and reinforced. Although all of the ingredients were in place for a successful landing, including procedures and crew experience that was standard airline accepted routine, it was the execution at the final stage of the flight that went awry and attempts to correct the errors were too little too late. [more]  

MSNBCAsiana Flight 214 Crash Landing 
Aired: 07/08/2013

Watch a video of passengers escaping the aircraft, NTSB Chairwoman Deborah Hersman's press statement, and Arthur Alan Wolk's thoughts on the Flight 214 Crash on Hardball with Chris Matthews.

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